Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Impact

We believe Apollo is uniquely well positioned to drive positive impact across our workplace, marketplace and communities. We take an integrated approach, incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations into everything we do — from how we invest, to how we lend, to how our firm operates globally.

We've been focused on ESG for over 10 years and our commitment to sustainability remains a defining attribute of our Firm. As a part of our Sustainability Program, Apollo strives to be an industry leader in data collection, transparency, and engagement with portfolio companies.


Driving a More Sustainable Future

Apollo aims to be a leading provider of capital for the energy transition. We see sustainability as an important part of our business' success and our collective future. By using sustainability as a driver of opportunity, we believe Apollo can help innovative companies that are working towards developing a cleaner world.


Expanding Opportunity

We have a long history of leveraging the full force of the Apollo ecosystem — deploying our resources, engaging our employees and creating new initiatives — to drive impact in our communities, most recently through the Apollo Opportunity Foundation.


Industry-Leading Transparency

Our approach to governance is grounded in transparency and trust. Strong and transparent governance is at the core of our business. We've created a clear corporate structure to ensure shareholders' voting rights. We pride ourselves on being a responsibly managed company, exemplified in our governance practices and by the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Annual Sustainability Report Volume 14

Since 2009, Apollo has proudly published a comprehensive summary of our approach to sustainability across our ecosystem. We’re pleased to present a full account of our activity and progress during 2022 in our 14th Annual Sustainability Report.

View Apollo’s Annual Sustainability Report

ESG Achievements


Companies participating in the ESG Reporting Program


Hours volunteered by reporting companies’ employees

14.4M+ MT

Waste recycled by reporting companies

Nearly $3M

Given by Apollo Opportunity Foundation to 11 nonprofits in 2023


Clean energy and climate investments deployed by Apollo-managed funds in 2022


Apollo Asset Management achieved carbon neutral operations